Accidentally starting a business...

During the COVID19 pandemic of 2020, I bought a laser to help my wife with her wedding business.

After thinking about what else I could do with it to make it a profitable investment, the logical option was to combine it with my love for football.

What started off as me making a unique football gift for a family friend has quickly turned in to something of a passion project.

  • Reebok Stadium V1

    (it'll always be the Reebok)

  • Notice the background? Peak lockdown gaming.

  • And my first ever product, framed and ready for my office wall.

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After looking at how I could develop a product, the Reebok concept was born. This moved on to Old Trafford, then Gigg Lane, the Etihad etc.

So far I've designed over 50 different stadiums ranging from the glamour of the New Wembley to the humble terraces of Carlisle's Brunton Park and one by one, I'm trying to work my way through the 92 and eventually internationally.